Zaria Van Jaarsveld – The Roundabout 11 Track Album – Available on CD Now!

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Zaria Van Jaarsveld’s new 11 Track album ‘The Roundabout’ is now available on CD!

The album showcases the full breadth of Zaria’s musical and lyrical explorations – including Pop, Indie Folk, Afrikaans and Gospel songs.   Immaculately produced over a period of 6 months in the pristine studio of Wayne Pauli (The Stremes),   the album intimately captures Zaria’s live in-studio vocal & acoustic guitar performances, with lush harmony layers.   Featuring a full acoustic band production on ‘No Radio Song’ and ‘Rondom Jou’ and Wayne’s haunting electric guitar layers on ‘Miss You’.

You can preview the full length tracks on Zaria’s Bandcamp Page and watch all 9 Music Videos on Zaria’s YouTube Channel in a convenient Playlist .


Zaria Van Jaarsveld – The Roundabout – Album Track List

01 Growing Up (The Roundabout)  – Indie Folk  4:50

02 No Radio Song  – UpTempo Pop/Rock 3:20

03 Goats & Trees (Stay)  – Indie Folk 3:28

04 Miss You  – Pop Ballad 5:41

05 Eagles  – Indie Folk/Adult Contemporary 4:02

06 Rondom Jou  – Afrikaans Ballad 2:56

07 Wintersong  – Indie Folk/Adult Contemporary 5:40

08 He Knows  – Gospel 3:11

09 Surrender  – Gospel 3:10

10 Invite Him In  – Gospel 2:44

11 Be My Light  – Gospel 3:14


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